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Jason Hartford at the University of Sheffield

Jason Hartford will be giving a paper as part of the University of Sheffield’s French Research and Culture programme entitled: ‘Separated before Birth? Charles Péguy and Michel Foucault: Methodologies of History’ on 12 March.

The paper reflects a theoretical interest that initially arose out of a teaching activity, as Jason explains: “I’ve become interested in methodology as an idea and a theoretical area, and having read a little bit about Foucault have started to compare his with others’ methodologies. Péguy was an unusual creature, a mostly non-practising but still strongly self-identified Catholic, and a Dreyfusard nationalist. Not common for his day! Well, what I’ve discovered is that in a few limited, but still interesting ways, some of Péguy’s thought from 1909 is comparable with some of Foucault’s thought from 1969 — even though no one, to my knowledge, has proposed comparing them.” This is a very new area of work for Jason and he is looking forward to feedback from the talk in Sheffield.