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French at Stirling research: rap, parkour and visual cultures

The Summer is always a good time for a bit of a catch-up on news about research by French at Stirling colleagues and postgrads (past and present) so, if you’re looking for some pool-side reading, we would highly recommend:

‘Rapping through time: an analysis of non-standard language use in French rap’ by Martin Verbeke, who completed his PhD with us last year, and Bill Marshall’s latest article, ‘Imagining the First French Empire: Bande dessinée and the Atlantic.’ Current PhD student Fraser McQueen also has a new article in The Conversation about French President Emmanuel Macron. Bill has also been continuing his research on parkour with an invited lecture on parkour and visual arts at the Parkour Research and Development Forum at Gerlev (Denmark) earlier this month.

2017 Bill Parkour Research Forum Gerlev Jul17

More research updates to follow over the weeks ahead…


Parkour in Pathfoot

Parkour on the Pathfoot steps
Parkour on the Pathfoot steps

The Pathfoot Building recently hosted a series of events on parkour, the youth movement originating in the French banlieue which has proliferated around the world. Consisting of a series of running leaps, jumps and flips that trace new pathways through urban environments, it has recently become a focus of much attention in academic research, particularly in Geography and Urban Studies, Sports Studies, and of course French Studies. Professor Bill Marshall has published on the use of parkour in recent French cinema, and recently attended a workshop at New York University to speak about parkour in still photography.

An exhibition of photographs can be viewed in Pathfoot till the end of the summer, with work by London-based artists Andy Day and Diego Ferrari. On 14 and 15 June we welcomed a group of parkour practitioners – traceurs – from Glasgow Parkour Coaching, who attended a workshop with academics and a representative from Youth Scotland, heard a lecture from Bill Marshall, and explored Stirling campus for interesting parkour opportunities.

Campus Parkour
Campus Parkour