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Last of the French freebies for this year

The academic year is over at Stirling and the blur of the exam period means that this blog hasn’t been updated as often as I would have liked but hopefully the weeks ahead will offer an opportunity to put that right, starting with a review of Samba, written by Amy Wylie, one of this year’s graduating students. Amy was one of a small group of students who took advantage of our ‘French freebies’ scheme to go and see the film as a well-earned treat after the exams. Here’s her take on it:

‘Samba, by co/directors Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, is a film I was thoroughly looking forward to, after having seen the award winning Intouchables. Omar Sy and Charlotte Gainsbourg play a fantastic double act, depicting the story of a Senegalese man who has been detained and ordered to leave France; the country he has called home for the last decade. Alice, who has recently started working as an immigration advocate, handles Samba’s case and they develop a close bond, despite Alice having being warned by her co/worker to keep her distance. The subject matter is at times upsetting but there is also a great deal of humour throughout the film. One scene shows Samba and his Brazilian friend doing a striptease whilst suspended half way up a multi-storey building. The music is quite uplifting, including Bob Marley’s – Waiting In Vain and Syreeta’s – To Know You Is To Love You. Overall, the film was thoroughly enjoyable and one I would definitely recommend!’

We’re hoping to be able to run the French freebies scheme again next year. In the meantime, thanks to Amy for the review!