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French and Psychology: ‘I still try and use French whenever I can’

As you’ll have gathered over the months and years of the French at Stirling blog, our degree combinations are many and varied ranging from, for example, French and Spanish to French and Philosophy via French and a range of subjects taught within the School of Management (Marketing, International Management, Human Resource Management…), French and Maths, French and Computing Science, and French as part of the range of Education degrees we run (Primary and Secondary).

One of the combinations that hasn’t featured as often here is Psychology with a European Language, a programme that enables students to combine modules in Psychology with modules in either French or Spanish, so it was particularly good to hear from one of our recent graduates, Luisa, who completed precisely this programme a few years back:

‘After graduating, I went on to do an MSc in Health Psychology at Stirling, as I was torn between what to continue with. I’d say the biggest overlap between the two areas (French and Psychology) was that I used a psychological approach called Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis for my French dissertation and it was one of my highest grades that year. It was the first time I had combined the two subjects but it worked well. I also had to write a Psychology dissertation that was due about a week after the French one: definitely a good test of time management and pressure having to write both at the same time.

I have taken a year to work in retail and I am now applying for jobs related to Psychology. However, I have also looked into jobs relating to French, as I had been told by a fellow 2016 French graduate that an organisation in Stirling was advertising translation jobs. I have always enjoyed the prospect of having more options because of having a joint degree. I still try and use French whenever I can and I hope to re-integrate it into my life in the near future.’

Many thanks to Luisa for sending us this blog post and we wish you all the best with the job applications, whichever route they take you down.

Learning French at Stirling: ‘Always a positive atmosphere’

We’re on something of a roll with student profiles and I’m really pleased to be able to post another article by one of our current students, Craig Stephen, who has just completed the first year of his degree at Stirling:

2017 Craig Stephen Student Profile Pic June17“Bonjour! My name is Craig and I will be entering the second year of my Sports Studies degree in September. “Sports Studies degree?” I hear you say. “I thought this was a blog about French at Stirling?” Well you’re not in the wrong place. Don’t panic.

 I have always enjoyed studying French. So much so that I had to travel to a different high school to even study Advanced Higher French. Before beginning my time at the University of Stirling, I started a degree in French and International Relations at the University of St Andrews. For a multitude of reasons, however, I realised that it wasn’t for me. So, after two years of studying I took a year out to regroup and figure out where I wanted to redirect myself. Having been involved with playing and coaching basketball, I figured that it would be smart to follow the sport route. And where better to study sport in any way, shape or form than the Scottish University of Sporting Excellence!

Even though I made an almost 180 degree turn from where I started, I still knew that I wanted to continue my French. So being able to choose French as an outside subject from my degree programme was a blessing and a no-brainer. What I worried about most (for no good reason I must add) was that I would struggle jumping back into academic French, in the same way that I struggled jumping into academic French after leaving high school. What helped me the most was that French at Stirling provided us with bridging materials to help us get to grips with what studying French would look like. And it certainly helped me to brush off the cobwebs from the back of my brain where all my French vocabulary was stored.

The department is one of the friendliest I have ever come into contact with. Tutors have a genuine interest in what they are teaching and want to transfer that knowledge to you. The content is engaging and always relevant to understanding how modern France got to where it is today. Everybody is approachable and willing to help you when you ask for it. There is always a positive atmosphere which makes attending class a worthwhile experience, but also an enjoyable one.

My advice? Get involved with French at Stirling. There are a wide range of subjects that offer a joint honours degree with French – I’m waiting for Sports Studies to be added to that list! – as well as the single honours. And even if you don’t plan to take French as part of your degree, I can guarantee once you enter the department they will make you feel so at home and you’ll learn so much that you don’t want to leave.”

Many thanks to Craig for this great article and, of course, we’re sorry that Sports Studies and French can’t currently be combined – something for us to think about for future semesters! In the meantime, we’re delighted Craig is carrying on with French into his second year and wish him all the best.

Congratulations to this year’s French graduates

It’s Graduation Day today and tomorrow for students completing degrees in French at the University of Stirling and seems an appropriate date on which to launch this blog. Warm congratulations to all our students who are graduating this week and best of luck for the future. First and foremost, though, enjoy your graduation!

Welcome to French at Stirling

Bonjour! Hello! And welcome to French at Stirling!

This blog aims to create a space for news about life and events on the French programme at Stirling University, as well as to give those of us who teach on the programme a chance to say a bit more about our own research and teaching.

French sits within the Division of Literature and Languages, alongside Spanish and Latin American Studies, Religion, Global Cinema, English Studies, Publishing Studies and Creative Writing. At undergraduate level, our students can either opt for Single Honours French or can combine French with a range of other subjects from History to Management via Education, Politics, Philosophy and much more besides. We also contribute to a variety of postgraduate teaching on our MRes Humanities, MLitt in Film Studies, taught MRes in Translation Studies and MSc in Translation with TESOL, and we have PhD students working on topics as diverse as the sociolinguistics of French and Belgian rap music and Moroccan urban cinema.

The blog is very much a ‘work in progress’ and any questions or suggestions for items we might include can be sent to Cristina Johnston (cristina.johnston@stir.ac.uk).