Life as a Lectrice: New Linguistic Adventures

2016 Mathilde photoToday is the last day of undergraduate teaching at Stirling for this academic year and it seemed like a good point to post an article by the newest addition to our teaching team, French Language Assistant Mathilde Mazau (who also happens to be one of our RATE nominees for this year):

“I was born and raised in France and came to live in Scotland in 2007. I absolutely love my new country and I can’t believe it will be 10 years next year. I live in Glasgow with my two little trilingual girls (English/French/Gaelic) so languages and multi-culturalism are an integral part of our daily life.

I started teaching English 14 years ago in France, and I have loved every single aspect of it. I also work from home as a freelance translator, specialising in contemporary art translations. Teaching and translating are the perfect balance for me. I started teaching English at University level 12 years ago, in Normandy and then French here in Scottish universities in 2009.

Teaching my own language has been a fascinating journey and one that made me realise that you never really stop learning about your mother tongue: languages are incredible and teaching them has really become a passion. I started as a lectrice here in Stirling in September 2015 and I feel very fortunate to be part of the French team, on such a beautiful campus. My colleague Brigitte Depret and I share an office and we continuously discuss our teaching methods and experiences, which I find very stimulating and enriching.

My job as a native lectrice is to teach written and spoken French. Written tutorials focus on the grammatical aspect of the language and we all know how challenging it can be sometimes, but who doesn’t love the subjunctive or the fact that all adjectives agree in gender and number? Spoken tutorials are usually based on articles or topics seen in French news, and will lead to discussions and debates, in French bien sûr, where everyone is encouraged to take part. I love seeing my students improve their skills over the months/years and it never ceases to amaze me when they can finally have a long, structured conversation.

As this semester comes to an end, I am really looking forward to seeing my students again next September for new linguistic adventures.”

Thanks to Mathilde for the blog post and fingers crossed for the RATE awards!