Language Show Live

Building on the popularity and success of the annual London Language Live Show, Language Live Scotland took place in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago and included a whole range of language-related exhibits and activities. One of our current final year students, Luisa McLaughlin, went along and sent us the following report:

“I attended Language Show Live on March 11 at the SECC in Glasgow. The 2-day event is held twice a year, in London and in Glasgow.  It allows individuals such as translators, teachers, job seekers and learners, such as myself, to celebrate languages and learn more about specific aspects of these.

Each person received a lanyard on entry, along with a booklet containing a layout of the stalls, language classes and various workshops. The stalls covered a range of languages, along with free taster sessions lasting around 30 minutes each with more intensive 2 hour language classes for those at an intermediate level, at a cost of £18 per session.

2016 McLaughlin Language Show lanyard
I enjoyed a German taster class where they taught the basics of the language and I would have attended the Norwegian class had it not been on a different day.  Other taster sessions on offer included British Sign Language, Russian, Mandarin, Gaelic and Arabic. As a learner and also as a 4th year with the daunting prospect of post-University decisions, I focused on attending a CV seminar and also visited several stalls that were aimed at graduates and possible future careers in language.  The CV seminar gave a step-by-step breakdown of dos and don’ts for language CVs.  Whilst I was already aware of a lot of the information provided, it was still a beneficial session to attend.

2016 McLaughlin Language Show guide Mar

Of particular interest was PGL, providers of residential activity holidays and educational study courses for young people.  I, like many others, attended PGL when I was in primary school as they have a Perthshire location. I was given specific advice on their graduate scheme which enables graduates to work as a group leader in France or Spain, for 4-10 months. They have 7 locations in France including one in Paris. There are a range of roles available, often including taking groups of children sightseeing.

I was also intrigued by the Interpreting for the European Union stall. I was advised that if translating was something I would like to pursue, I should look for an internship with a translating company and then apply for a 1 year Master’s degree in Translation. Additionally, I studied Spanish for 6 years and I plan to resume my studies at some point, so I found the event helpful as the majority of stalls were either French or Spanish related.

The next events are scheduled for London from 14-16 October 2016 and Glasgow 10-11 March 2017. I would recommend attending if you are open to different ways of utilising your language and are keen to be given some direction on opportunities for the future.”

Many thanks to Luisa for attending the event and for sending the report.