Travelling and Teaching

Two years ago, our graduate Susan Peattie sent us a report on her life and travels following graduation, a journey that had taken her from Stirling to the Czech Republic, via Africa, Central Asia and Latin America. Two years on, Susan is now living and teaching in southern Spain where she continues to put her language learning and language teaching skills to very good use.

“In August 2014 I moved to Spain and spent a month in Seville where I took a CELTA course in order to further my teaching career. I then took up the post of Very Young Learners Specialist with a school in Linares, Andalucía teaching English to children from 3 to 6 years old, as well as teenagers and adults.

Linares is a small town surrounded by olive groves and is only an hour away from Córdoba, Granada and Cazorla National Park which has some fabulous walks. Being a small town, Linares is very friendly and it is difficult to walk down the street without meeting someone you know and here students quickly become friends. It is a very traditional town which means bars still give a free tapas with every drink and the shops are closed on Sundays because the focus is very much on socialising with family and friends!
2016 Peattie waterfall Feb
I am working at The Cultural English Centre and I am really enjoying being part of the team here because they have a refreshing approach to teaching and learning. Whilst Cambridge Exams are never far from our minds, we encourage the children to learn in a more natural way through many free activities. We have a Theatre Club and they perform in the local theatre in June, photo and video making competitions as well as Hallowe’en and Christmas parties. We also take the children to La Garza where we spend the weekend in log cabins and the children can participate in many outdoor activities which not only helps to improve their English, but their confidence in general! We also go for tapas with our adult students to give them the opportunity to speak English in a more natural environment.
2016 Peattie teaching Feb
I am planning to stay here for the foreseeable future as the school also encourages teachers to continue with their own professional development and they are supporting me whilst I study for the DELTA qualification with Cambridge University. Not only will this qualification open up more opportunities for me in the future, it will help me to grow as a teacher.”
We look forward to following Susan’s travels and the development of her varied teaching career over the months and years ahead.