From Parkour to Saint-Pierre et Miquelon…

Our colleague Bill Marshall, currently enjoying some well-deserved research leave, has been keeping himself busy with talks and publications over the past few months…

His article on ‘Parkour and the Still Image’ which builds on the exhibition Bill curated in Stirling’s Pathfoot Building last year has been published in Stephanie H. Donald and Christoph Lindner’s edited volume Inert Cities: Globalization, Mobility and Suspension in Visual Culture. Bill also gave a talk on this work at the ‘Urban Encounters’ event organised in October 2014 at Tate Britain.

2015 Bill at DHM

As well as this event, Bill has also given a talk on Nantes (drawing on his interest in Atlantic cities) at ‘Europa: das Meer und die Welt’ at Berlin’s Deutsche Historisches Museum in November 2014 and on Quebec director Xavier Dolan at the American Council for Quebec Studies in Montreal.

Finally, flying the flag for Saint-Pierre et Miquelon Studies, Bill appears in La Forme des îles, a documentary directed by Patrick Viret!