Relaunch of Stirling’s French Society

After a quieter period, our French Society has relaunched again this year, thanks to the efforts of four of our undergraduate students, Rebecca Peat, Rachel Peach, Clara Johnston and Beth Little. With thanks to them for their hard work and enthusiasm, here are just a few reasons from Beth for joining the Society:

“The University of Stirling French Society is a new society that’s just been set up this year. It’s an excellent place to practice your French in an informal setting and make new friends in all year groups. We meet every Wednesday fortnight and do a variety of activities – so far we’ve had a French food night, a French film night and a night devoted to speaking French. We’re open to ideas for activities from our members so if you can think of anything you would like to do then let us know! We have a Facebook page (University of Stirling French Society), a twitter account (@StirUniFrench) and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us: or (President’s email address).​”